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Douro Taste

Douro Valley Experiences

Meet Douro Valley, visit the wine estates and taste our Wine! Full day tour between Pinhão, Sabrosa and Provesende

On Douro Taste

The day begins with a brief introductory stroll through the Douro landscape and history.

During the visit to the first wine producer, we explore the winery and cellars, followed by a wine and Port tasting.
We continue our journey to the lunch venue, where the gastronomic experience highlights why the Douro is a feast for the senses! The vintage convertible car ride enhances the understanding of the vineyard landscape.
In the afternoon, a regular rabelo boat ride and a wine experience await, with a visit to another estate.

Your tour
Included What is included

• Tour starts at 09:30am and ends at 5:30pm
• Pedestrian walk on a bridge over the Douro River
• Guided tour to two estates with wine and Port tasting
• Rabelo boat ride
• Lunch at a typical restaurant
• Visit to a viewpoint
• Passing through locations: Pinhão - Provesende - Peso da Régua
• Tour starts at Pinhão or Régua


Exclusions Here we present everything that we did not include

• Pick up and drop off at Porto with an extra cost

  1. Day 1
    Porto, Portugal
    Pedestrian Bridge over the Douro River
    Medium Producer Wine Estate - Visit and Wine Tasting
    Rabelo Boat Ride
    Typical Restaurant of the Douro Region
    Viewpoint Casal de Loivos
    Small Producer Wine Estate - Wine and Olive Oil Tasting
    Porto, Portugal

Yes, Luxury Douro Tours have adjustable tours for each client and you can always make changes to your tour. Our tours are flexible and made according to the preferences of our customers. You can add or delete activities, visits and shorten or lengthen your tour, talk to us.

Luxury Douro Tours is managed by an experienced team and the safety of our customers is vital to us. So in the reservation process you will have to give your data, according to Data Protection, to make sure of the customer registration issues at our insurance agency.

There is no maximum age for booking a tour. Our tours are adapted to all ages and physical conditions. The minimum age to book a tour is 18 years and minors, as long as accompanied by parents, can always be part of an experience with us.

Yes, Luxury Douro Tours offers tours for just one person. What can not even happen is to stop touring just by being alone.

The clothing depends on the season of the year chosen, in general we advise a comfortable clothing. If it is summer we always advise a hat and sun protector due to the high temperatures, and if it is winter we advise a warm jacket and scarf.

Transportation during the tour will be done with an experienced and certified guide with the European first aid course. The transportation is always chosen by the client and the tour will be carried out with the utmost care and rigor.

Yes you can start your reservation by phone, Facebook or Instagram. In this way we will redirect all your process to our reservation platform to make your reservation. We are available 24 hours for any doubts clarification through any social network, email or telephone.

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You may do it by our website, email and contacts available, always under the terms and conditions governing our company.

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